Find your local English speaking chemists in Javea, all the chemist shops in Javea listed in one place, find the nearest one to you


Need an emergency or duty chemist out of hours for minor but urgent solutions - there is a duty chemist or "Farmacia de guardia" open from 9:00hrs each day to 9:00hrs the following day - click this link to the emergency chemist duty rota to see which one is on duty today


On holiday and need a chemist this is the place to find the closest one to you


Get quick medical advice for those times when you're not sure whether it's worth going to the doctors,


Javea has a large choice of chemist shops who offer a wide range of services and treatments including,


  • Prescription fulfilment,
  • Painkillers and anti-inflammatories,
  • Plasters & antiseptics for those minor cuts and bruises,
  • Medical advice about all sorts of conditions and complaints,
  • Sunscreen to prevent bad sun burn and after sun treatments for when you forget,
  • Insect bite creams,
  • Insect repellents,
  • Jelly fish sting creams,
  • Diarrhea, runny tummy medicine,
  • Cough medicines especially for children,
  • Throat lozenges,
  • Eye drops,
  • Skin creams and treatments,
  • Chapped lip sticks and balms,
  • Oral hygiene; toothbrushes, toothpastes & mouth washes,
  • Support bandages for those painful sprains,
  • Blood pressure and heart rate measurements,
  • Athletes' foot treatment,
  • Haemorrhoid treatments,
  • Feminine hygiene products,
  • Contraceptives,
  • Anti-inflammatory sprays and creams for pulled muscles and sprains,
  • Personal grooming products,


Remember a chemist is more than just a drugstore

Avda Rey Juan Carlos I, 33, Javea
0 reviews

Avda la Palmera, 16, Javea
0 reviews

Avda Augusta, 30, Javea
0 reviews

Plaza Joanet Martorell, 5, L-3, Javea
0 reviews

Calle Ronda de Colón, 4, Javea
0 reviews

Avenida del Colomer, 3, Javea
0 reviews

Plaza de la Iglesia, 11, Javea
0 reviews

Calle Sevilla, 1, Javea
0 reviews

Ctra de la Portichol, 75, Cala Blanca, Javea
0 reviews

Avda de la Fontana, 18, Javea
0 reviews

Avda de la Libertad, 7, Javea
0 reviews

Avda Lepanto, 128, Javea
0 reviews

Avda del Pla, 126, Javea
0 reviews

Avda del Pla, 125, Javea
0 reviews

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